About the Blog and Author

Why this Blog?

I have been on several journeys and for me the best part of travelling is  that each one of them has the potential to teach us  lessons for our journey called life.

While some travels teach us how to value what you have because there are people happy with much much less. Other travels teach us how to reach out for our fullest potential because people have achieved much more with far less resources and not always are those achievements materialistic in nature.

Some travels teach us how to share whatever little we have while others teach us to save or plan for the impending disasters that may lay ahead.

Some travels teach us how we are capable of infinite love and empathy while others teach us how we should be careful about trusting our instincts because brothers can kill brothers, neighbours can turn on each other when venomous ideas are sowed by power hungry individuals.

Some travels teach us how people and organisations cooperate to achieve the impossible that can make the entire human race proud while others teach how misunderstanding and acts of selfishness can wipe off an entire race.

During some travels we see that local behaviors have a lasting impact on us while during others we see impacts (good or bad), of our behaviour on the local population.

This blog is about my journeys to diverse and different parts of the world.

As I go on these travels, I try to absorb as much of culture, history, people and their behaviors and see what can be learned and applied to our lives, economy, governance and the travels lying ahead … It’s my humble effort to that effect any way !!!

32 Countries and counting : But how did it all start?…

It all started for me in 2005 when a friend and me went on an unplanned trip to the North of India. . That trip was  a lot of firsts for me :the first time I traveled by air, first ever travel outside of Mumbai where I was born, first real look at the ‘Incredible India’!!!

But what changed it all for me during that travel, was my experience  with a local poor farming family in the village of Uttaranchal,  during a remote trek of 2 hours . We were actually lost , when  when I saw the family working in the fields at the top of a hill!!! We stopped by for asking directions and they welcomed us by inviting us inside their hut for chai ( traditional Indian tea) . We started talking and we spoke about their hardships and how they struggle to have a single meal in a day. My heart welled up by the end of the conversation. And as we have always been made to think : money is the solution to hardships… I offered them some money.

The reaction from the farmer was: ‘Thanks a lot . but keep away that money please. That’s the source of all evil in this world. If you would like to help me , help my child who has dreams of becoming an engineer.. just give him some advice’.

Right there I was sold on travelling … if I get to meet such wonderful people , have such eye opening and heart moving  experiences, have such opportunities to be useful to others  … i want to keep travelling!!! I never want this to end … I have never looked back since!!!


One thought on “About the Blog and Author

  1. Love the fact that you are writing travel blogs, because you are the one person whose travel journeys I would love to read about! 🙂 Good job Randheer! Looking forward to many more of these 🙂

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